BNL’s split up, Page’s side

Finally having the time to follow up on this news I listened to Steven Page’s interview on CBC Radio1’s Q podcast (Feb 27, 2009). It was a lengthy interview at 12 minutes long and can be found after the Jimmy Fallon interview approximately 18 minutes in. Listening to Page explain his side, or his view of the split up alleviated the tension I thought was between the band, which lightened my mood considerably.

It was worrisome originally when Ed Robertson was interviewed (Feb 25, 2009) on As it Happens, because of how he answered some questions. It seemed he didn’t want to go into detail on many things which left me thinking the worst. Which was, that Page was kicked out of the band because of his drug charges instead of the mutal agreement which Ed kept insisting that it was. Now that I’ve heard Page’s side, it seems Ed was perhaps just not sure how much he should say.

Page stated in the interview with Q that he was feeling conflicted with his solo projects and the band. He’d work on a song and have to make a decision, was this song for the band, or a solo project, leaving him feeling guilty or betraying the band. In addition to conflicts with creative material, he worked on many solo projects and did not get to spend the amount of time on them he wished he could, feeling a bit left out of the process.

Given this additional side to the story I feel much better about the split and feel that it really appears to have been a mutal decision. It could of course just be a nice story to cover up some other underlying issues, but regardless, I think both the band and Page will continue and I’ll get a ‘twofer’ as Page stated on his blog, The Steven Pages at Blogspot..


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