Horo by Cospa

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  1. I share your feelings about the face design. I haven’t seen Spice and Wolf so I don’t know if it’s on model or not like you do, but I do know it’s utt bugly.

    Love the group shots. The differences between the three models are amazing and sometimes humorous. I saw that Kotobukiya Horo at last years Otakon. Now I regret not buying it.

  2. It’s interesting the progression, at least in the order I purchased them. They kept getting better and better (purchase order is left to right in the group shots). I have the Good Smile Company Horo on order currently. I’ve already got some complaints about it and I’ve not even received it yet! But none the less I think it could still be a progression for the better. And with season 2 there are hopes for more and better Horo figures.

    Now if they just made a good Eruru figure…

  3. I just saw the Good Smile Horo and all I can say is: WANT.

    Looks like she comes out next month too! Missed the pre-order, but might need to get her none-the-less.

  4. My only complaint with the GSC Horo is that it’s almost a remake of this Horo, though much better. But they just added a hat, and a hat that she doesn’t wear with these clothes. Up until episode 7 Horo uses a hood to cover her ears. In episode 7 Lawrence buys her new clothes and she gets a hat to cover them up with instead.

    Horo’s new clothes.

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