Tohsaka Rin & Berseker by Good Smile Company

2 thoughts on “Tohsaka Rin & Berseker by Good Smile Company”

  1. It looks like the skin color on your Rin came out way better for you than it did for me. I’m glad for you :D, sad for me :(. Now that I’ve seen yours I think I’ll hunt down another one – this sculpt is too good have Rin’s skin browned like mine is.

    Good point on the shirt – I hadn’t considered that she might be wearing something thicker. I think I also spent too much time looking at Rin close-up because her shirt looks fine from a distance.

    1. I just always saw it as a sweater, I’m not really sure why, I guess just one of those assumptions that stuck. You took a lot more pictures than I did as well, so you likely spent a lot more time admiring at various aspects of the sculpt and understanding it’s flaws.

      I’m happier with the skin colour on mine for sure, but I still wanted the paleness of the official photos. It’s really too bad that yours is dark, I wonder what happened to cause that.

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