CC by Alpha x Omega

2 thoughts on “CC by Alpha x Omega”

  1. I have been collecting figures for a couple years now and I was still surprised at the fantastic quality of this figure. Great color, pose, and somewhat ecchi to boot. Shy on some details yes, but not that bad.

    I kinda wish you hadn’t pointed out her long neck, though, because now I can’t help but see it every time I look at her, haha. Oh, and if you like this figure, then I highly recommend trying to get their Kallen PVC as well.

    1. Sorry ’bout the neck, I couldn’t help it. Once I saw it I too couldn’t unsee it. So of course I had to infect others.

      Alpha x Omega’s Kallen figure didn’t seem as enticing as this one. I’m also not one for large breasts, which Kallen has in abundance. I like sets though, so perhaps one day I’ll purchase her for completeness.

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