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  1. wow… to start off, i feel sorry for your first figure not being one from the “big 4” and having so many “issues” with your taki horo. that said, good to know you’ve never given up on figures just cuz of this mishap ^^;

    $120 for taki horo, yeap, 100% isnt worth it. should’ve just waited for bargain bin (well, cant be helped, your first figure) like i did. for $120 to me its around 430 MYR (malaysian ringgits) and the taki horo i got just recently is around 220 MYR using SAL shipping from Hobby Link Japan as they had her on bargain (and still do as i am posting this http://www.hlj.com/product/TKI55038)

    also for the defects you’ve mentioned, if you dont mind getting dirty with some Garage Kit works, heres what i plan for my horo:
    – nipple painting
    – thinnering the defect paint marks (aka your mr hanky)
    for me, its just one very tiny dot, unlike yours which is much more severe. however a defect is still a defect and a simple thinner removal isnt hard.

    do look for specific modeling thinner if you feel like doing it. DO NOT use standard industrial thinners as the next thing you’ll get is horo melting XD

    for her arms, advice is to hold either her shoulders, or her hips. and slowly push the arms in until you can barely see the seam lines. that way her fingers wont bend when you put her on display.

    as for the REALLY badly made clothing, im still trying to figure out how to mod it XD
    ill definitely do something bout those 3x really badly done clips, or at least minimize the seam line preferably removing it almost completely

    1. Yeah, I really should have waited. I keep seeing it on sale for considerably less now. But at the time I thought it was great, I couldn’t find any pictures available really so I based my decision on very little.

      You bring up some good ideas, though I worry about trying any of those things because I don’t feel confident enough. I think I’ll ruin something.

      Even if I push her arms on as much as I can, the bare set still seem to be slighly longer than the sleeved set. So they’ll always bend.

      Thanks for the ideas though!

  2. well, if ur afraid of damaging the figure, a best way is to get some RL friends (if possible, else just look up online heh) thats into resin/GK (not necessarily figures, gundam builders would do too, in fact ur better off with then :P) and you can get them to help out.

    also try to *very slightly* twist the arm in left/right direction while pushing it in (again, very slightly, or you have some twisted arms :P) if the seam line is still really visible (which will result the arm being longer than the base allows and ultimately finger bending) then you may have to sand/cut the molding joints in so the arms can fit in better.

    oh ya one more thing i forgot to ask, does your taki horo comes with black removable panties?

    1. She does not. She’s bare under those clothes of hers. Interesting addition if those sold now come with that. But it doesn’t interest me too much.

      I don’t think I have any RL friends who are even remotely into this sort of thing. One collects Transformers, but those don’t require touch up, nor does he remove them from their boxes (what fun is that!).

  3. o_O
    wow, so i got a free… horo pantsu XD
    amusing, to say the least, lol.

    and huge awww to ur friend. IINM those transformers toys are articulated and you know, full of their transformation gimmicks… what a pity to not have them out for poses/displays and stashed in their boxes 😦

  4. I know you like Horo a lot but I didn’t know you you spent that much for this Taki one! (@@.
    btw, where did you order the GSC Melissa? I want one so badly too.

    1. Haha yeah I spent a lot because I’d pre-ordered her, so there weren’t a lot of great pictures out there.

      I got the GSC Melissa off eBay. I’d made some saved searches or whatever and had eBay email me when something new was posted in those searches. Found Melissa as well as Makoto that way, both for about the cost of what seems to be the going price of just one of them after shipping, somewhere around $170 for the two.

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